Changes Federation Metadata from 20. Mai 2022!

Please note the information on the changes concerning the DFN-AAI federation metadata from 20. Mai 2022!

Important Notes

  • These URLs are case-sensitive, i.e. lower case is important!
  • HTTPS is supported.
  • Please refer to this page for configuration examples for Shibboleth IdP und SP.

The signed metadata of the DFN-AAI Test Federation:

Signed metadata file with all production Service Providers in DFN-AAI (for IdPs):

Signed metadata file with all production Identity Providers in DFN-AAI (for SPs):

The signed metadata for participation of IdPs in eduGAIN (file comprises all SPs available via eduGAIN):

The signed metadata for participation of SPs in eduGAIN (file comprises all IdPs available via eduGAIN):

Local metadata: (“999” has to be replaced with an organization-specific number. Please refer to Local Metadata)

Certificate for validating the signature(s) of DFN-AAI metadata (PEM format)
SHA256 Fingerprint: 77:2D:24:F6:3F:5F:76:DD:F8:B5:7E:69:59:8D:25:33:BA:99:BB:15:01:CB:6C:B3:5D:A9:1A:85:2E:AB:EE:5F

For configuration examples cf. 'Production Environment', Shib IdP (de) and Shib SP 3.x metadata configuration.

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