New Metadata Administration Tool as of 9 November 2022

The main changes at a glance

The English version of this knowledge base is still in development. If in doubt please don't hesitate to contact us.

For a start, you may want to read about how to join the DFN-AAI.

The DFN-AAI metadata administration tool can be found at https://mdv.aai.dfn.de/login/.

The DFN-AAI Metadata Viewer provides an overview the participating home institutions and the available service.

Access to the metadata administration tool

New metadata admins can be designated by the administrative or technical contacts who signed the contract with us (see the contract details in Metadata Admin tool). They can send us an e-mail to hotline@aai.dfn.de, containing the following contact details for each new metadata admin:
  • full name,
  • e-mail address and
  • work phone number.

The credentials will be sent directly to the new metadata admins.

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