This page describes registrations in the URN space urn:schac:personalUniqueCode:de.

These values are used to express specific types of identification numbers (as described below) for use with the attribute schacPersonalUniqueCode, identified by urn:oid:

See the SCHema for ACademia section of the REFEDS Wiki for more information about this attribute. The upstream registry for the namespace urn:schac:personalUniqueCode:* can be found at https://wiki.refeds.org/display/STAN/SCHAC+URN+Registry. For examples and notes for usage in DFN-AAI, see this table.

Syntax: urn:schac:personalUniqueCode:de:<scope>:Matrikelnummer:<number>

  • <scope> is the administrative domain of the Home Organization that is in charge of assigning and managing the matriculation numbers of their students. Each value of <scope>:Matrikelnummer: defines a namespace within which the <number> must be unique. The <sope> is usually identical with the value of the schacHomeOrganization attribute.
  • <number> is the matriculation number of the respective user/student.
Namenspace Institution Usage Contact
urn:schac:personalUniqueCode:de:uni-tuebingen.de:* Universität Tübingen Ramon Pfeiffer
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