Functional Test OpenID Connect OP

We offer three Relying Parties (that is: Service Providers supporting OIDC) for test pruposes.

  • Each Relying Party displays the transmitted claims (attributes) and claim values upon successful login.
  • At the Discovery Service you have to enter the Issuer ID of your OpenID Provider (OP, your IdP). Note that our test RPs only support Issuer IDs without any further request URI behind the domain. (Issuer IDs named like a typical Shibboleth IdP Entity ID, ending with '/idp/shibboleth', do not work!)
Relying Party Client ID Requested Sub Claim Requested Scopes Authorization subject-pairwise openid valid-user subject-public openid profile valid-user subject-public openid email valid-user

Functional Test OpenID Connect RP

An OIDC Relying Party (that is: an SP) can be tested with our OP (a Shibboleth IdP with the OIDC plugin):

Issuer ID Default Sub Claim Supported Scopes Test Accounts subject-pairwise openid profile email see login page
  • Last modified: 6 months ago