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 [[https://www.aai.dfn.de/fileadmin/documents/mrps_dfn-aai_1.0.pdf|Metadata Registration Practice Statement]] [[https://www.aai.dfn.de/fileadmin/documents/mrps_dfn-aai_1.0.pdf|Metadata Registration Practice Statement]]
 +===== Access to the Metadata Administration Tool =====
 +Metadata admins can be appointed by the contractual or technical contact persons registered in the DFN-AAI contract database. In the metadata administration tool, these persons are listed in the 'Contact' column of the table with the contract data. 
 +To do so, please send a request to hotline@aai.dfn.de containing the following information for each person designated as metadata admin:
 +  * first and last name,
 +  * the e-mail address and
 +  * the business telephone number.
 +The user credentials will then be sent directly to each of the new metadata admins.
 **Next step:** [[en:configuration|Configuration]] of the SP/IdP instance **Next step:** [[en:configuration|Configuration]] of the SP/IdP instance
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