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-====== Check List for Publishing Metadata ====== 
-Please refer also to the current valid version of the [[en:normative_documents|Metadata Registration Practice Statement]] 
-Please take the following hints into account before submitting your new IdP or SP to DFN-AAI: 
-  * If reading your new system's metadata fails with the error **unable to open file** your web server does not respond with the full certificate chain. Please check your configuration first ([[https://doku.tid.dfn.de/en:certificates#the_ssl_certificate_chain_on_your_webserver|find help here]]). 
-  * If possible, please fill in all fields. Correct your data when you see red warning messages. 
-  * Display Name: the name of your organization, institution or company 
-  * Description: a short description, e.g. "Identity Provider of the University of XYZ" 
-  * Information URL: the website of your organization, institution or company 
-  * **Privacy Statement URL**: Please provide the link to your **data privacy statement**. This field is mandatory for Service Providers. If your data privacy statement is only available either in English or in German, you can leave the other field empty. 
-  * The **logos** are displayed in the discovery service (favicons of IdPs) resp. on IdPs' login screens. That is why they have clearly defined maximum sizes. Please scale your logos to make them fit. The small logo is supposed to be a favicon of 16 by 16 pixels. (SPs do not need to submit a favicon URL.) The big logo has to have a width of 64 to 240 pixels and a maximum height of 180 pixels.